Kuwait's Best American School

There are several American schools in Kuwait. Its main curriculum includes English, math, science, and other subjects. However, there is a particular American school in Kuwait that has a different curriculum among others. This particular American school combines the normal American curriculum and the Islamic culture. It is an institute that is larger than the other schools and is filled with skilled and professional employees. There are other subjects added to the curriculum such as electives and personal development subjects.

IB classes, which are known for its good programs around the globe, are also offered in the American Creativity Academy. The top schools in kuwait  has a good amount of experience and development therefore it can assure you that this school is reliable. Because of its unique curriculum, it is one of the highest schools in Kuwait. One negative side of this school is its location because of the heavy traffic flow that surrounds the area. Both genders are divided in this institute therefore there is a campus for boys and another campus for girls.

The boy's campus has three major buildings which are the elementary and preschool building, high school building, and the middle school building. This division of genders is due to the Islamic culture that instills in the curriculum of this institute. The best schools kuwait has two major visions, which are the educational and physical. The physical importance of this school is seen in the sports curriculum that is significant to them. It scouts talented players of different sports and also gives the students a good physical output with proper fitness exercises. It own one of the widest artificial grass fields in Kuwait. It is a very wide area that can be used as the evacuation area for students and teachers when there is an emergency drill. It follows the prescribed safety procedure plan and is being practiced frequently. Motivational speakers are often invited to instill life lessons to the students and even the teachers.

American and Canadian instructors are hired in this school to teach English subjects. What makes the American Creativity Academy at top is that they have a full load of experienced and knowledgeable teachers, wide field for athletics and physical exercises, clean and sterile cafeteria, and a high standard curriculum that they offer to every student that are enrolled to their curriculum. Everyone is invited to this institute no matter what nationality, religion, and culture a student have. To read more about the importance of getting the best education in Kuwait, go to  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/private-schools .